Water Distribution/Treatment


We have assisted many communities with the planning, design and construction of their water distribution systems. For many of those same clients, we continue to assist them with preparing for future growth by identifying necessary improvements and expansions to allow for increased capacity. We have engineers who focus primarily on water distribution and treatment and who are well experienced with all regulating agencies.  Our engineers have the ability to contribute cost-savings design techniques by planning for the future and identifying not just what might be adequate now, but what might be required 10 years in the future to sustain growth – whether expected or unexpected. 

Whether you are thinking about constructing an entirely new water distribution or treatment system, or simply updating and expanding an old one, we have the expertise to do so. We are well versed at identifying helpful funding sources as well as helping you acquire those funds. We work with many clients including villages, townships, cities and even private water providers. Our engineers have the experience and expertise to provide solutions from the water source to the tap – and everything in between.