Single and Multi-Beam Sonar Surveys


Spicer Group uses single-beam and multi-beam sonar technology to collect high-density underwater topography of rivers, lakes, streams, and other bodies of water. This detailed 3D sonar data is useful for a variety of applications, including bridge scour analysis, hydraulic surveying and modeling, pre and post dredge volume calculation surveys, and other mapping solutions.

Single-beam and multibeam surveying consists of an echosounder mounted to a vessel that emits sound waves into the water and then receives the reflection or echo from the bottom surface. The time of travel of these sound waves, along with precise RTK/IMU positioning information, is recorded and interpreted to accurately represent the bottom topography of a body of water.  Spicer Group owns and operates single-beam and multi-beam systems depending on the project specifications and level of detail desired.

Spicer Group’s hydrographic team has performed hundreds of shallow-water bathymetric surveys for local, state, and federal agencies, marina owners, lake associations, and contractors. Our hydrographic surveying team consists of professional surveyors with decades of traditional and hydrographic surveying experience.