Students Invited to Explore Careers at Spicer Group

Students Invited to Explore Careers at Spicer Group

Spicer Group’s Explorers Program is an interactive set of activities aimed at providing information about STEM careers to high school students to help them pursue, grow, and develop their special interests. Students participating in this program at Spicer Group will discover the opportunities associated with surveying, engineering, architectural and technology careers.

An extension of the Boy Scouts of America, Exploring provides exciting activities and mentorship for students looking to discover careers that may fit their interests. By immersing themselves in the career experience, students from all backgrounds can learn important life and career skills, build character and discover some of their true passions in life. 

For the past two years, on the second Wednesday of each month, from October through February, Spicer Group has hosted an Exploring event at our corporate headquarters in Saginaw. Students, parents, and educators have been invited to come and experience the program.

Previous sessions with our program included journeying through the world of high-tech surveying, the basics of architecture, demonstrations on basic computer coding and managing large amounts of data, overview of CAD, structural analysis and bridge building, GIS mapping, and managing watersheds and water quality.

For more information on our Explorer Program, contact Sarah Vallier, Human Resources Assistant at 989-921-5559 or explorers@spicergroup.com.



“I never knew there were different types of maps and I enjoyed learning about all of them.”

“I had a lot of fun building the bridges. The hands-on activity was perfect and it combined learning with fun.”

“It was fun and the bridge building helped connect us with other people. It gave me a chance to be creative and meet new people.”

“I was very interested to know how much went into getting data to build a house or a bridge.”

“Downloading an operating system was a new and fun experience.”

“As an engineering teacher with the Bay City Public Schools, I feel that the Explorer Program with Spicer Group is beneficial for any student interested in engineering. The experience gained in these events allow a student to see the work and technology of these professionals. I look forward to offering my students the “real world” Explorer Program again.” – Mark Skiles, Bay City Public School Teacher

“My boys and I loved the program that you held last year for high school students. They learned a lot and I did too, by listening in on what they were being taught. Thank you so much for providing this at such a low cost so that our kids can learn all of the different technologies that they can get involved in.” – Vicki Arnold, Parent

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